UNI ---------------- VERSE




Honestly, I've never really been a partier. From as long as I could remember I have always been a workaholic. getting lost in creating during the day only to be exhausted by the time the sun set.

when I moved back to Toronto  after school I realized most  of the networking and relationship building took place at night on dance floors , bar tops and random peoples living rooms at 4am ..... lol 

at times I felt like I was alienating myself and if you didn't know any better you would think I was anti.

In the past couple years I started to see my clothes more often at night. This made me really think about the end consumer and what they need from their clothes. For the SPRING / SUMMER 2020 collection i went down a worm hole of research into nightlight with a main focus on the Detroit techno scene .


Here's a interview I did with i-D for more context : https://bit.ly/365i2Yj

...........form follows function and environment informs form  

back to the party ! 

we had our first party to end of last year. all my friends Dj'd as well as my brother Tony Goodguy from pairs.

fast forward to fashion week we had a party to celebrate the collection we had our first party in Paris. It was packed without a celebrity. It was beautiful.

this year on December 19th we will be celebrating the end of the year, we are celebrating family, we are celebrating life.

I wanted to continue to create a space that is radically inclusive and continues to encourage this rebellious attitude that informs so much of that it is we do on a daily basis 

Location: Drake Underground 

DJ Line up: ............ "Family"

Time: 10pm - 2am

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/spencer-badu-presents-uni-verse-tickets-83289010673?aff=ebdssbeac


I'm excited for this one.