Due to the current pandemic, there is a worldwide shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). To keep our community healthy and safe, Michael Garron Hospital is challenging all Toronto sewists to collectively make 1,000 masks a week. We want to see everyone wearing a fabric mask when they need to be within six feet of other people, especially vulnerable populations and the elderly.

To help Michael Garron Hospital and Humber River Hospital combat COVID-19, we will be joining the challenge to contribute to the goal of 1000 face masks a week. 


Our face masks are handsewn in Toronto with a built-in removable 3M air filter system for extra protection. These homemade masks are used as a last resort option to reduce droplet transmission from infected individuals and are better than no protection at all. Please be advised that these face masks do not replace N95 or FDA/NIOSH approved masks. 


Our followers can join us in our goal of supplying these necessary masks by contributing to the efforts: for every purchase made of the Limited Edition Spencer Badu Face Mask, we will be matching with 1 facemask in support of #NGH1000Masks Challenge and a donation to the Humber River Hospital. 


Buy one, Give 1.


Limited Edition Spencer Badu face mask w/ 3M air filter until April 30th


Product Specification: 


100% Cotton

Lining: 3M Filtrete HVAC Air Filters


Care Instructions:


  1. Reusable, machine washable
  2. Please note that the air filters are one-use only. The filters cannot be washed, dried, ironed, or sterilized.
  3. Carefully discard used filters before washing mask to avoid contamination.
  4. Face mask can be used with or without the 3M air filter
  5. Recommended daily wash of the cotton mask with hot water and laundry detergent to ensure the mask remain clean.


Buy 1, Give 1 

Version 1:  Sold Out

Version 2: https://www.spencerbadu.com/collections/shop-all/products/face-mask


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For any questions or concerns, please contact us at info@spencerbadu.com