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Canadian-Ghanian designer Spencer Badu is influenced by the juxtaposition of cross-cultural elements resulting in bold shapes, an intentional use of color and an ongoing curiosity to challenge garment construction inspired by a youthful rebellion with clear references from that of the '90s and early '2000s.

Confronted with Uniforms all his life, Spencer has developed an obsession with the use and connotation of uniforms. Using it as the starting point and goal of each collection. Challenging society’s expectations of gendered clothing, the labels’ collections are shaped to propagate liberty through badu’s own interpretation of the modern- day uniform.

Toronto based with a global point of view, making it difficult to pin the brand to a specific city or country.

Spencer badu is informed by - and thereby supports - Black culture, Black history, and Black Progression, within a futuristic and utopian context.

The brand’s ethos challenges socio-cultural norms and the wider fashion industry as a whole, with a growing list of collaborators that offer a different perspective and or occupy spaces that were not created with them in mind.