Q & A: Get To Know Spencer Badu


How did you start this label?

I started making clothes in my bedroom eventually went to school to refine my skills while in school I registered my brand of a business, probably a bit too early but were here now lol.


What’s your philosophy on unisex clothing and how can those 2 worlds meet without clashing

I’m actually interested in the clash, juxtaposing both worlds to create something new. My main goal is to always maintain comfort and create something that is permanent rather than just for design sake.


How Helpful has the Toronto fashion incubator Helped you with creating your brand?

It’s been integral, it given me a space to build my business as well as nurturing emerging fashion designers and local production.


Where should I start if I’m trying to learn pattern making and sewing?

Im a visual learner for sewing I would say YouTube if you can go to school that would be amazing and basic pattern making books are always good start.


Goals for the brand in 2021

For 2021, we want to get into more stores across the world mainly Asia to make it easier for our community to access or product easier, besides that just continuing to grow and continuing to challenge.


What Piece are you most proud of creating?

Most recent, I would say our facemasks. As a fashion company I was proud that we could contribute to the health care system as well as our community during a pandemic while staying on brand.


What inspires your details? its 10/10

Thank you, Dieter Rams approach to designs inspires me. But ultimately I enjoy making minimal pieces so the challenge with every piece is to have details to elevate the function / make it more directional.


Whats your dream Collaboration?



Are you formally trained in fashion design?

Yes, 2 Year program in apparel technology – fashion major, mostly women’s wear. This included Pattern drafting, sewing, dress making, tailoring and sportswear.


How are you?

I am okay, running a company during a pandemic comes with its challenges but I’m supper grateful that I’m busy and people are continuing to support.


What motivates you to keep going? How do you maintain your spark?

My life wasn’t always bright but I’m constantly I’m motivated by how far I’ve come and where I’m going, for my spark I constantly challenge myself and learn new skills, sometimes non fashion related.


What’s your all-time favourite piece you’ve made thus far??

This is hard question, But I would say My joggers wear it all the time they just work, besides that I would say my spiral sleeve jean jackets.


Im tryna model for your brand

Let's do it!


How are you feeling today?

Today I feel optimistic


Where do you find your inspiration for fashion

So many things, my Life, travel, Music Videos, Movies , Art.


You’re most important lesson you have learned so far with your brand

These things take time and focus on your community not your competitors


Advice for someone who is starting a brand

Figure out what you want to say and what value you are bringing to people.


what is your biggest non fashion related inspiration?

Architecture  its always inspiring to see how “crazy” ideas stand the test of time.


Your top 5 designers and why?

In no particular order…

Helmut Lang

Martin Margiela

Ozwald Boateng

Phoebe Philo

Rick Owens

...Cultural Impact and longevity


What you been listening to lately

Honestly a mix of a lot of things I just started a Spotify with songs that I have been listening too, I’m going to update it every month or so, link in bio.


What is the best part about designing clothes

Seeing your sketches come to real life but honestly seeing people wear my pieces and styling them different ways is really cool to see.


Is the Spencer Badu a Sustainable brand? please elaborate!

We do a lot of things but there is a lot more we can do and currently doing. At the moment all of our shipping packaging is sustainable. We make most of our things made to order to reduce over production, we use dead stock fabric for majority of our outerwear and pants, Our t-shirts use eco dyes and staring next years all of our t-shirts will be made from recycled/ organic cotton. Plus next season we are starting up cycled garments in the collection.


What’s inspiring you right now?

African (Ghana) Culture and design  


What is the most exciting part of the process?

Starting a new design everything from looking for the right fabric as well as figuring out the pattern and making the first samples.


Any Other avenues of fashion that you’d do?

Product design and furniture for sure.


What's the biggest mental breakthrough you had in life that helped you grow?

Ego is the enemy?


What's something you wish you started doing earlier? (could be work/life)

Play my own game. In the beginning I would try to live up to other peoples standards (Life/Fashion) instead of creating my own.


What advice would you have on how to build a community?

I think it's about being vulnerable, being yourself and standing for something, the people that relate to you will gravitate ti you. You foster that community by supporting them as well, eventually creating your own ecosystem.